Objective Workflow Practitioner Webinar

Enhance Workflow Practitioner Skills to Improve Process Management

To continue supporting our valued customers with workflow enablement, we have recognised the need to provide improved training products that allow you to take the next step in improving process management and gaining greater value from your Objective deployment.

This next iteration looks at you the practitioner and how Objective can enable you to maintain, design and build workflows in your environment.

Please watch this webinar on demand to gain insight into taking the next steps of your workflow journey and the benefits of acquiring skills in the design and build of workflows to automate and improve business processes.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Introduction to the new course structure and the key benefits with the Workflow Design and Maintenance and; Workflow Scripting and Automation courses
  • Understanding business process mapping as part of workflow maintenance and design
  • Using real business examples and the workflow library to start building simple and complex workflows for your business