Objective Connect for Safeguarding Vulnerable People

Instant sharing of information with approved health care, social welfare, housing officers, police or other relevant agencies.

The Problem

In the absence of a secure, digital collaboration platform for agencies to manage cases involving high-risk domestic violence victims, sharing information can actually cause more harm. There is an increased risk of highly sensitive information being exposed without a secure platform in place. In the absence of such a system, physical information-sharing methods can create bottlenecks slowing the response time of critical services to victims who are at risk of being abused or murdered.

The Solution

Objective Connect enables secure collaboration and ongoing co-ordination between all agencies regarding information on domestic violence victims to manage continued risk assessment. It provides the level of security, transparency and accountability needed to share rele-vant information between specialist service providers or stakeholders, ensuring they can activate action plans more effectively.

Objective Connect allows Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership to securely share information on those victims who are at risk of being seriously hurt, harmed or murdered.

Kirsti Hay

Violence Against Women Coordinator, Glasgow City Council