Objective Alpha and Tasman District Council

How getting the consenting process right can help an entire community

Objective Alpha helps councils across New Zealand manage their end-to-end consenting process. In turn, this helps building teams manage risk and ensure they are compliant. Tasman is one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand, and with that growth comes demand for new buildings, from residential homes through to supermarkets and more.

Construction is a huge part of New Zealand’s economy, and with a national housing shortage, building warm and safe homes quickly is in everyone’s best interest. Using Objective Alpha, Tasman District Council have been able to take their building consenting process online, improving the experience for builders while increasing the transparency of the process.

The consent process needs to ensure that applications are processed as efficiently as possible, while also meeting the regulatory requirements that ensure quality homes are being built.

We all know what's happening and where. The visibility that's been given to the applicant is unprecedented to the degree that the process is done within Objective Alpha. That's the feedback we get all the the time - the applicants love it!

Ian Macauley

Building Assistance Manager