Objective Corporation and Maptionnaire forge strategic partnership

Enhancing community engagement for Local Planning Authorities

05 March 2024

Objective Corporation, a global leader in software solutions for the public sector and regulated industries, announces a strategic partnership with Maptionnaire, a renowned community engagement platform with GIS-backed functionalities. This partnership will empower Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to enhance community engagement and to make data-driven decisions to create inclusive spaces that align with resident's wishes. It does this by coupling the planning process with map-based consultation.

For more than 15 years, Objective Corporation has been at the forefront of providing innovative software solutions to LPAs worldwide. Objective Keyplan – launched last year – was specifically designed as an end-to-end solution for a digital planning process; from drafting policy and plans, gathering evidence and community feedback, through to publishing and adopting the digital plan itself.

Pivotal in shaping the future of urban planning is the Call for Sites. “A perfect example of the smooth cooperation between Maptionnaire and Objective is provided by the solution for Call for Sites, where the identification of development and redevelopment sites is made possible as an essential part of the planning process,” said CEO of Mapita, Maarit Kahila.

The Maptionnaire SaaS/software presents a unique ability to integrate map-based community engagement with existing platforms used by LPAs without the need to replace entire systems, delivering the benefits of cutting-edge GIS technology without the headache of data integration.

With Objective Keyplan and Maptionnaire working together, LPAs can offer their community an interactive map-based engagement; where people locate the areas they’re interested in on a map, see all of the planning activity related to that area, and respond directly to the mapping interface – through surveys or using tools to markup areas on the map. LPAs can now solicit feedback directly from residents, ensuring that their voices are heard, and their perspectives are taken into account in the planning process.

"We will empower Local Planning Authorities with map-based consultation, enabling them to engage with their communities more effectively," said Andy Moy, Vice President of Objective Keyplan. "Our mission is to deliver value to our customers, through our strategic alliance with Maptionnaire."

“Our vision is to create a hub for planning, where LPAs can access the tools and insights, they need to make informed decisions that benefit their communities. The partnership with Maptionnaire exemplifies our commitment to creating strategic alliances that drive innovation and deliver value to our customers," said Andy.

Maarit elaborates, "Our partnership signifies a convergence of expertise and technology aimed at enhancing community engagement for Local Planning Authorities worldwide. By combining the innovative Maptionnaire platform, designed to manage seamless public participation, with Objective's end-to-end planning solution for LPAs, we can empower decision-makers with the tools they need to build trust, enhance community relations, and make data-driven decisions that benefit everyone."


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