What’s New in Objective GOV365: Information Governance for SharePoint

Objective GOV365 brings enhanced information governance and legal compliance to Microsoft Teams, and now Microsoft SharePoint

While Microsoft Teams and SharePoint allow users to create new digital workspaces and bring together cross-functional teams, a layer of governance and control is required to avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary sprawl resulting from an ever-increasing number of Teams and SharePoint sites.

In a time of modern working and sharing an explosion of information, retaining Teams and SharePoint content according to corporate policies is critical. Objective GOV365 brings enhanced information governance and legal compliance to Microsoft Teams, and now Microsoft SharePoint by leveraging your existing EDRMS.

These SaaS software modules provide seamless integration between your organisation’s existing licensed Objective ECM / Micro Focus Content Manager and Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint, thereby balancing modern collaborative working with regulatory compliance.

Objective GOV365 for Sharepoint

Take advantage of a true 'single source of truth' within a compliant and managed environment. Objective GOV365 now enables SharePoint users to actively participate in the comprehensive document lifecycle prescribed by your Objective ECM platform.

Enhanced Governance for Microsoft Sharepoint

Authorised users and groups can govern one or more SharePoint sites, sub-sites, or document libraries. With the ability to capture SharePoint documents to Objective ECM, your existing policies and controls are honoured. From the Objective GOV365 console, within Microsoft Teams, users can setup and manage both SharePoint and Teams archiving schedules in one central location.

Retrospective Governance

Not every document that lives in your SharePoint sites is equally important. With Objective GOV365 for SharePoint, you have the flexibility to retrospectively nominate whether an entire site, part of the site (subsite), or only certain document libraries are captured. Take control and define the target containers, within Objective ECM, and the frequency for each governed SharePoint site. Once configured, all content from that point forward will be captured seamlessly into Objective ECM.

Content in Context

Objective ECM users have a complete view of SharePoint documents as rich metadata from the source – SharePoint sites, sub-sites and document libraries. By capturing versions, URL, external ID and owner details, within Objective ECM, users are provided with the content (document) as well as its context (metadata).

User Experience

With an intuitive interface, from the Objective GOV365 console, users can easily:

  • Navigate to the source of the information within SharePoint or to the captured container within Objective ECM;
  • View a list of all governed SharePoint sites, sub-sites and document libraries, to ensure the right content is being captured;
  • Apply bulk actions to change the governance settings for multiple sites, sub-sites and document libraries at once.

For more information about Objective GOV365 for SharePoint, contact your account manager or share your details.