Customised look and feel for each of your workgroups

Government agencies and highly regulated organisations know they can trust Objective Connect to keep their information secure. However, external participants who have never used Objective Connect, may be apprehensive. Do they want to upload sensitive content to an unfamiliar platform? The all-new Workgroup Customisation capability can enable administrators to put their own stamp on Objective Connect’s interface to reflect the look and feel that external participants know and trust.

Adding your brand identity to Workgroup(s) informs external participants that they’ve navigated to the right place. Customised workspaces can address the security question asked by external participants before they even accept the Workspace invite. This feature can allow organisations to deploy Objective Connect in use cases where site recognition is a barrier.

This is also ideal for any organisation that uses Objective Connect for public facing use cases or when sharing highly sensitive information cross-agency. Delivering a familiar interface is critical when building confidence to collaborate in the cloud.

Customisation options include:

  • Primary colour
  • Organisation's or Department's logo
  • Login screen graphics

Any changes with workgroup branding are immediately reflected throughout the Objective Connect interface, including email notifications. This update complements previous changes made to the Objective Connect email notifications feature which brought organisations’ branding front and centre.

Get Started

  • Find instructions in the Objective Connect help centre.

If you have any questions about this release, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.