New Workspace Activity views with Objective Connect

Same Protection. Faster insights.

Putting information at your fingertips

Objective Connect now delivers you instant visual insights on who did what and when.

More insights, faster

Complimenting Objective Connect's courtroom-ready Workspace Record, a new on-screen Workspace Activity view displayed in each Workspace now provides faster insights with a single click.

Immediately view activity throughout the collaboration event, with:

  • Event labels
  • Date and time stamps
  • The event owner and,
  • Event links for related documents where applicable

How it works

A new “Activity” side panel below the Task and Comment sections in the Workspace interface now shows you recorded events in chronological order in the asset list view. No actions are required to enable this feature for Enterprise Edition users.

It helped us out within hours of going live … saving hours of trawling audit trails and explaining them to the team

Andrew Parker

Welsh Government

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