"Our customers' success is our success," that's the mantra that keeps me going.

As the Customer Success Director for Objective Trapeze, I'm responsible for all Trapeze customers in Australia and New Zealand. That's almost three hundred customer organisations I am proud to say I represent internally at Objective.

Think of me as a customer advocate.

For several years I've had the privilege to work across multiple teams at Objective, from training and consulting to project and solution leadership. Taking part in Objective's inaugural Emerging Leaders program, I had the opportunity to champion for stronger Voice of the Customer initiatives.

Our customers will always challenge us to do better and deliver on our promises.

That's why I approached this role a few months back consumed by excitement and a strong sense of commitment. One of our core values at Objective is knowing that "results matter" and customer success is all about helping customers get to the results they're after.

Passion for customer excellence

My passion for customer excellence isn't new, having worked in customer-facing positions at Walt Disney World in the United States and Marriott Hotels in Brazil and Australia. It was extremely rewarding to feel that I had positively impacted on someone's experience through my own actions.

Now, along with the talented team I work with, I strive to enhance the experience of thousands of Objective Trapeze users by ensuring the solution we develop is closely aligned with their needs. Whether they are in planning, building or other areas of local government, the common denominator that ties our Objective Trapeze and our customers together is the call to "do more" with limited resources. We must continue to optimise our tools so they can gain those much-needed efficiencies.

I'm thrilled to be part of our customers' journey to success. Please do get in touch via rafael.garcia@objective.com or +61 2 9955 2288, I'd love to hear from you!